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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good monday morning many check out live doppler on this labor day, a few clouds, a lot of sun, warmest day in the forecast. good morning, sue hall following your holiday commute if you can call it that. not much going on in the way of heavy traffic, you can see the san mateo bridge flowing smoothly, dumbarton bridge closure we'll update you on that. [ inaudible ]
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good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. got a barbecue planned or outing? let's check with mike. >> check out with mike and find out what time to come over. i did smoke some stuff last night was fun. >> he meant on the grill. >> meat! >> he meant on the grill everybody. [ laughing ] moving on. good morning everybody, see the pink right here or whatever color katie wants to tell me it prop early is that's where we have a dense
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fog advisory this morning, until account, from daly city down to about -- until 9:00, from daly city to about carmel by the sea. running in the low to mid 60s along the coast, a few clouds, sunny around the bay, 72 to 84, warm to hot inland, plenty of sun, 87 to 94. time for the news. 5:02. the family of a man who was shot to death by vallejo police say there are many unanswered questions about what led up to the gunfire. police say they fired more than 30 rounds, ing the man had a gun. -- believing the man had a gun. amy hollyfield is live in vallejo this is the latest of several officer-involved shootings there. >> reporter: this is the seventh, since may. the -- some residents said they are afraid of these police officers. the family of 23-year-old mario romero is questioning
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whether it was necessary to shoot and kill him. he was in a parked car with a friend 4:00 yesterday morning, when police on patrol shined a spotlight on the car. officers admit they did not identify them says. they say, romero got out the car which his family disputes, police say they saw a gun he turned his back appeared to be reaching for the gun then pointed it at them and they opened fire. at one point getting on to the car and shooting through the front windshield. >> it was a lot of shots, it was like -- a pause, you hear somebody talking and then -- again. they had to open the door to get him out of there. . >> reporter: police say they shot more than 30 rounds and reloaded at one point in the car they found a pellet gun and 30 ecstasy tabs.
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romero is the father of a 3-year-old girl. his family says his loss is devastating and they want the vallejo police department to answer for his death. his attention was shot several times he's in the apartment -- his passenger was shot several times he's in the hospital and expected to recover. this morning, police in fresno investigating whether hazing claimed the life of a young fraternity pledge. 18-year-old philip danes from bakersfield collapsed after hours of heavy drinking he suffered severe brain damage doctors took him off life support last night he died a short time later he began pledging last week toxicology tests will be done to determine his blood alcohol levels fresno state officials have suspended the fraternity while the tragedy is being investigated. oakland police investigating weekend shootings that left one dead and three wounded a man died around 9:00 saturday night on
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53rd street a from children's hospital, the victim is 29-year-old lorenzo ward no arrests oakland's 81st homicide this year, two more than this time last year. san jose man in yale on suspicion of felony hit-and-run after police say he hit two pedestrians with his cadillac and took off it happened -- officers spotted the cadillac an hour after the attack. police took the man into custody they say the 23-year-old was seen arguing with the victims before he hit them with his car. labor day protesters planning a rally in front of chevron's main gate in richmond this morning many among their complaints they say the community warning system is deficient. they say last month residents were not warned for nearly
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five hours after a leak. protesters calling for chevron to pay its fair share of taxes the corporation still pays 1978 property tax rates prop 13. democrats are arriving in charlotte, north carolina for the party's national convention which starts tomorrow the california delegation is holding its first meeting this morning a hotel breakfast with nancy pelosi. democrats are ready to make their case to the nation as to why president obama deserves another four years in office. inspiring young voters one goal of organizers who land to stream the entire convention on the internet and a spanish language version as well. >> we know the latino vote could be the deciding vote for the president and so, it is awesome they are doing this, very important. >> protesters were already out on streets of charlotte, they marched by the bank of america headquarters and wells fargo
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bank yesterday. convention hasn't even started yet, one delegate has been sent home after two members were found to be intoxicated when they got to their hotel over the weekend. no word on whether the media party contributed to the ejection of that delegate. sometime after the party, the two california delegates showed up at their hotel, one passed out the other falsely claimed to be a congressman. no names released there have been apologies. our own mark matthews going to be live all week from the democratic national convention look for his reports beginning at 4 p.m.. also instant updates all week by following him on our facebook page also on twitter. oakland church is marking the end of an era after serving the community for more than 100 years fruitvale presbyterian church held its last service yesterday it only
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has 50 members, because of declining membership the national denomination voted to close the church. the last service marks the end but also a beginning. >> it is bittersweet. there are a lot of things that have happened for remembering and memories also a joyful occasion to recognize that god is still working and moving and this is a chance for us to step into new life. >> a congregation call the new revelation community church will begin renting the church next week. the fruitvale presbyterian church was founded in 1889 for farming families who couldn't make it into the city to worship. you may have plans to barbecue or get out and take a hike or something like that. >> hopefully of course you want to make the best of it we'll check in with mike. a lot of sunscreen if you need it, hat, water you want to drink very early, even if you are smoking things
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probably, almost a little too late -- >> barbecue -- >> yes, then you want to start it now, that was for eric. area of low pressure developing to our north going to slide over top of us the next couple of days before it gets here check out temperatures, talked about it friday, saturday, going to befalling things are going to change on a dime yesterday and they did and will stay warm today, 50s with just a few clouds at the coast at 7:00, look how quickly we warm, mid 80s inland, mid 70s bay, 60 at noon, by 4:00, low 90s inland, low 80s bay, mid 60s coast and clouds return to the coast upper 50s at 7:00, mid 70s around the bay, cheer inland comfortable, low 80s -- clear inland, comfortable, low 80s. two to four degrees of cooling each day with increase in clouds, tuesday into thursday. full forecast in a few minutes.
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good morning. patchy morning fog as mike mentioned off the waldo grade, very thick visibility, very limited visibility, very thick fog on the deck of the golden gate bridge as you can see. traffic very light this holiday morning, 80 westbound past the berkeley estuary into the macarthur maze, no problems. very light, good time to be out traveling if that is what you are doing today, bay bridge toll no back-up whatsoever into san francisco today. incident a bit ago eastbound highway 4 in the antioch area at railroad now being cleared that off-ramp is wide open now. a little bit of slow traffic headed eastbound once they get that accident out of there, let me make that full screen again, checking drive time bart, muni and ferries all on a sunday holiday schedule for you. golden gate ferry extra boats
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for the sausalito art festival. no ace service out of central valley. 5:11. next, does the thought of a school lunch make your stomach turn or your mouth water? this year the menu is new under a federal mandate. we'll show you the difference, next. prince harry gets back to official business today. why the palace hopes he put
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good morning. cars at the convention among the s will be the turn around the auto industry, general motors and chrysler are profitable after receiving government bailout money. those online reviews can be crucial to a restaurant's of san francisco eateries confirm half a star in a rating significantly increases business sometimes as much as 20%. box office this weekend possession of a horror film the session took in 18 million dollars. traffic overall this summer is off from last year. not only are ticket sales off but theater owners may have to pay more for popcorn the drought has jacked up corn prices one analyst says thee -- thee eight ter honers may have -- theater owners may have to ab society the price
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because the popcorn is already so high. survey says the national average for this labor day is the highest ever recorded. the nation's average price for a gallon of regular is $3.80, 13 cents higher than a year ago. here in california where there is a special mixture to reduce smog we a more oil crews are returning to offshore rigs in the gulf of mexico, now that hurricane isaac has moved on. starting this year, bay area students can look forward to a life lesson in healthy eating. the government's mandate of healthier menus took effect july 1st. when it comes to school lunches everyone has an opinion. >> sometimes i eat it, sometimes it is >> reporter: as new changes are implemented students are noticing. >> portions are a little smaller. >> reporter: that is true,
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calorie count is down. the biggest change is what is offered. >> it does make that tray look different. >> reporter: new federal standards this year require more nutritious meals, more fruits and vegetables and fewer carbs. >> you have to eat more fruits and vegetables, variety of vegetables, more whole grains, low-fat dairy limit carbs. >> the whole idea of [ inaudible ] >> reporter: for some, it will take some getting used to. >> last year i -- >> reporter: some say they are not getting enough. you can see that by looking at the a la carte line. here students are allowed to purchase other than the standard lunch, good for students who need more calories like athletes. >> the goal is they will eat
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healthier. >> reporter: no matter how much the students complain the usda now decides what is served. no limit on the number of fruits and vegetables they can have. the san francisco and san jose districts confirm their menus have been revamped. for more information we put a link on abc7 news under see it on tv. prince harvey back on duty with three public appearances the first just after noon, our time. it will be the first time the prince will take questions from reporters since those embarrassing photos of him. the prince is scheduled to present the award for most inspirational child with london's well child awards ceremony. >> well said. >> thank you. no one wants to up that one? i don't blame 'em.
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>> first rule, stop digging that hole. >> why? all i did all weekend, was dig holes. had to come back to work to get some rest. looking live in vollmer peak, emeryville, bay bridge, san francisco clear. a few clouds along the coast on live doppler, from san francisco down to carmel by the sea, dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. visibility less than a quarter mile. please be careful there. temperatures from 50 santa rosa, 46 half moon bay near 60 san jose, 62 fremont, antioch and fairfield, everybody else mid to upper 50s today summer hottest day in the forecast more clouds tonight that will start the sea breeze and marine layer which means cooler through the middle parts of this week.
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temperature change, warmer today by four degrees in san francisco, santa rosa three, -- san jose 85° again today. here's the cloud cover, trying to make a late push into the bay, won't last past 9:00, clouds at the coast start breaking up between noon and 2:00, a lot of sun developing that's why you are in the 60s, 70s, 80s, bay, 80s, 90s inland. on the peninsula, 82 palo alto, 76 san mateo. low to mid 60s coast, 70 downtown sausalito gorgeous day for the arts festival 76, 8 san rafael. mid to upper 70s -- through most of the's by shore 80s
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union city, fremont castro valley. monterey bay 66, 79 santa cruz 80s inland. both teams are playing 1:05 today coliseum, 73° up to 76 at&t upper 60s to near 70°. temperatures coolest by thursday, friday, 8 to 10° cooler by then. here's sue. good morning. if you are headed out on this labor day morning traffic relatively light. eastbound highway 4 at railroad still with an accident out of lanes there but rubberneckers causing a little slowing eastbound if you are headed out westbound from antioch towards pittsburg relatively light come fired most mornings. dumbarton bridge closed since friday night will remain closed until tuesday morning. alternate highway 92 two the north moving well both
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directions to the south 237 at the limit we'll follow that closure. they are having rumors it might be completed early. we'll let you know. fremont street downtown san francisco closed due to construction between folsom and mission. other events happening around the bay as mike was telling you sausalito art festival extra ferries for that. san mateo bridge alternate to dumbarton closure looking good, pardon me taillights headed westbound towards the highrise towards foster city moving at the limit behind the bay bridge no back-up good morning to come into san francisco at this hour. no alcohol in the water, that word from police and park rangers patrolling the american river near sacramento, authorities stepping up booze ban for labor day weekend police say there have been too many emergency situations in the past caused by excessive drinking. >> unfortunate it makes the trip better. we'll get by with cookies and water and sandwiches, good
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time with the family. >> safety experts say alcohol plays a role in 50% of all drownings. many people underestimate the power of a river when they've been drinking. if you love rollercoasters today is your last chance to ride an old favorite. labor day is the last day to ride the hurricane before it is dismantled and sent to a park in new mexico it will be replaced by a new ride next year. the hurricane has been on the boardwalk since 1992. 5:22. oakland a's have the second best record in the american league. next, the sweep that is making them contenders. real life rescue of actor russell crowe. >> the most adorable video you will see this morning why [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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[ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? like a ninja! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. good morning welcome back thanks for joining us on monday labor day you are looking live in our sutro camera over the bay mike says it is shaping up to be nice sunny in some places more details coming up. the red hot oakland a's will welcome the angels to the coliseum this afternoon. after they swept the red sox. the a's won their season high ninth straight game yesterday homers by smith andrew helped provide the runs and anderson's pitching kept the red sox at bay, a's over boston 6-2, a's remain three game back of the rangers. giants return home after
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beating the cubs in chicago. giants rallying the 9th to break a 5-5 tie two key hits they win 7-5 to series giants take on the diamondbacks this afternoon. after russell -- actor russell crowe ising thatting the is coast guard via twitter after officers came to his rescue over the weekend he was kayaking with a friend off long island and lost their way as the sun went down. the coast guard says crowe and his friend made their way to a beach and called out to a patrol boat the two paddled to the boat got onboard and rowed back to the harbor. video going viral on the internet could be one of the cutest things on youtube this year watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this video is called 11
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month twins they dance to daddy's guitar so adorable many folks have seen it more than once it was posted three weeks ago it has racked up almost eight million hits, one million saw it on friday alone. it is cute. >> we could do that, but i don't think it would be nearly as popular. >> no, although people have mistaken us for twins in the past. has happened again in vallejo, another fatal shooting involving police. we are asking the questions the family of the latest victim and killed by officers are asking this morning. plus, the aftermath of isaac. the news president obama is expected to bring to the region today. wildfire threatening homes this morning in southern california. the destruction it has caused and the battle firefighters are facing as dawn breaks. high temperatures today will run from 64 at half moon bay to 78 oakland inland 94 in livermore very summer-like as we round out
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this labor day. temperatures in the 70s seattle and portland boston new york 80s 90s everywhere else except phoenix and dallas 101 and 105. so far on the east coast doing well, chance of severe weather in the south midwest in yellow back at home with lack of clouds in the bay area all of our airports on time, should continue to do so any time you travel flight tracker [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar.
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good monday morning. dry this morning many a little cloud cover along the coast, dense fog advisory until 4:00, -- [ inaudible ]
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good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. another officer-involved shooting in vallejo. >> raising questions about the police department, the victim's family says not adding up. amy hollyfield is live in vallejo. >> reporter: police did not
5:32 am
identify themselves. they did not shout out warnings before they started shooting. and they say the man they shot did not fire at officers. the family is questioning whether this shooting was justified? 23-year-old mario romero had a pellet gun on him police say he pointed it at them. romero and another man were sitting in a parked car when police on patrol 4:00 yesterday morning shined a spotlight on them. police say romero got out of the car, his family disputes that. >> the driver of the vehicle exited the car, both officers noticed he had a handgun protruding from his waistband they could see the grip of the gun. >> my brother was not out the car, the door was not open. if he was anywhere near out the car there would be bullet holes on his door, there's no bullet holes on his door. >> reporter: police fired about 30 rounds at one point got on to the car and shot
5:33 am
through the front windshield. they believe romero pointed a gun at them, but say he never fired. he was killed, his passenger was shot, but survive. police found the pellet gun in the car and 30 tabs of ecstasy. this is the 7th officer-involved shooting in vallejo since may, the fifth fatal one. last night some said they are afraid of the vallejo police department. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. also in vallejo two young men in custody after police say they robbed a home as the homeowner hid in terror. it happened on kenyon way the men kicked in the front door of the woman's home the homeowner ran and hid in her bathroom, called 911. police arrived in time to catch the
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week gulf residents have dealt with flooding and massive power outages since isaac came ashore last tuesday. storm victims say political showboating isn't what is needed they want to know who is going to get the power restored. >> 3600 acre wildfire has kept firefighters busy overnight burning in the angeles national forest 30 miles east of downtown l.a.. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the sand gabriel mountains, the resort typically has 12,000 visitors on a holiday weekend the resort is safe the road into the camp is threatened. 300 fires on the with the help of water-dropping helicopters. this is a different section of forest from the 2009 wildfire that destroyed 89 homes and blackened 250 square might mile -- square miles. a man who slipped off a
5:38 am
cliff is recovering after being rescued last night. responders found the man trapped on slippery rocks it took half an hour to find him in the foggy conditions then hoist him to safety. he did not appear to be badly hurt. caltrans says traffic may be moving on the dumbarton bridge tomorrow, ahead of the planned 5 a.m. opening. this is the latest video provided by caltrans crews are replacing the bridge's eastern seismic joint also lifting the bridge five inches to put 10 foot steel bearings in place, good weather is helping get the work done ahead of schedule. dumbarton was closed friday night 10 p.m.. so far the closure has caused no real tie-ups. opening ahead of schedule tomorrow, which was planned. traffic is great this morning. bet you can't guess why? >> holiday light.
5:39 am
holiday sun as well mike? yeah, a lot of it, welcome to the first monday of september, unofficial ending to summer it will feel like summer in most neighborhoods, check out the orange this this is water vapor image where you see lessor the lowest amount is where we color coded orange not much cloud cover now, what is hugging the coast, which is thick right now, that dense fog advisory is going away this afternoon. we start off with temperatures in the 50s at 7:00, as we get to noon, warming quickly, 30° warmer inland with mid 80s, mid 70s around the bay, 60 at the coast. 4:00 bright everywhere, low 90s inland, low 80s bay, mid 60s at the coast, won't be that breezy compared to normal clouds come back to the coast by 7:00, low 80s inland, 75 around the bay, upper 50s at the coast. once we get past today temperatures taper two to four degrees, tuesday, wednesday and thursday with cooling hitting the coast tomorrow and
5:40 am
moving through the bay wednesday inland thursday. hope you have a good one, let's talk to sue and find out about that traffic. live shot indicative of your holiday commute, that's the bay bridge back-up, not there. it is really light into sutro tower this morning no problems on the upper deck incline section to downtown this is san jose, a couple headlights speaking or snaking through your screen, 280 north on towards cupertino, very, very light conditions this morning. the over pass highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountains and we have no reports of problems there as well, couple issues, dumbarton bridge remains closed with no real problems for alternates 92 to the north and 237 to the south looks like a little slow traffic at highway 84 before the closure, that should be roping looks like maybe early.
5:41 am
southbound 680 at marina vista stall on the right, 880 south at marina boulevard accident partial blocking mostly on the right slow to the north as well all exits off 101 to sausalito backing up due to the arts festival later this morning. 5:41. vandals strike again in oakland, the third time, next memorial that means so much to so many and what it could cost to repair the damage. offering prayer and support, neighbors and firefighters gather to show support for a friend who put his life on the line battling a blaze i here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. good monday morning. the memorial honoring the oakland firestorm has been vandalized again over the weekend. that angers gordon who lost his home in the fire. piper has dedicated much of his life to the memory of 25 who died in that fire. helped create the memorial garden. over the weekend someone cut off parts of a metal sculpture and hauled them away possibly to sell as scrap metal with >> like dancing on the grave of those died in the firestorm and an insult to the community and to have this happen three
5:45 am
times, it happened two years ago, really frustrating. it is now up to volunteers to raise more money to fix the sculpture they think they need $5,000. san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack while battling a fire remains in critical this morning. 15 year veteran frank ryan collapsed last thursday he was far of a crew fighting a fire at st. patrick's church on east santa clara street. >> please be safe out there, can i get an amen! >> dozens of people showed their support at a vigil for ryan and his co-workers outside the medical center yesterday where he's being treated. first responders joined member of the community in offering prayers for him and a candle was lit and passed around, organizers plan to give the candle to ryan's family. next, ford and toyota
5:46 am
fighting for bragging rights. we'll tell what is at stake in the bloomberg business report. incredible season amazing turn out to honor petaluma's little league team. beachgoers become rescue workers as they battle to save more than a
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90s north bay east bay valleys 80s south bay, 70s, 80s bay shore 60s to near 70 coast into san francisco a lot of sunshine this afternoon, no matter where you are traveling you can see live doppler is dry across the state. temperatures today running about 108 palm springs, 80s san diego and l.a., 90s central valleys yosemite, 8 in tahoe. 5:49. mother's milk bank in san jose is low on fly and the -- on supply and the demand is higher. the freezers are practically empty. the bank distributed more than two million ounces of milk last year up from 1 1/2 million in 2009. the milk bank takes donations of breast milk and distributes it to hospitals. this morning, organizers are calling this year's
5:50 am
burning man festival a big success. the alternative art and music festival in the nevada desert came well within the number of people allowed. attendance friday was less than last year. under 61,000 are allowed daily at the festival. last year organizers were put on probation for having too many attendees. never been, you? >> a little hot out there >> not my scene. better weather here, mike joining us so we can plan our holidays. you should plan for a lot of sun and warmer than average in a lot of areas. good morning. welcome to the holiday, a few clouds trying to creep in from the coast this morning, most of them are going to stay there, maybe through 9:00 we could see a little push of some of those clouds inland dense fog advisory the big story along the coast visibility less than a quarter mile, doppler showing some of
5:51 am
that fog through 9:00 this morning. let's talk about temperatures, still running in the 50s and 60s away from the beaches, half moon bay cool spot 46 right now. today summer warmth everywhere even out to the coast, a little warmer than average, more clouds tonight that's the sea breeze coming back, marine layer reestablishing that's why we'll have cooling through midweek by the weekend warmer weather is back. today 24 hour temperature change, warmer in san francisco by four degrees same in santa rosa, fremont flee, oakland two, concord one san jose 85. some of the clouds trying to push into the bay now by 9:00, ten:00 back to the coast between noon and 2:00, clouds fade at the coast allowing to you jump into the 60s, 70s, 80s, bay, 80s, 90s inland.
5:52 am
south bay 85 in san jose between that 82 in milpitas and 90 in los gatos. up the peninsula 82 palo alto, 70s san mateo and millbrae low to mid 60s coast, near 70 downtown south san francisco to 76 sausalito, the festival today starts at 9:00 ends about 5:00, you need a coat in the morning, not one in the afternoon. upper 80s to near 90 throughout rest of your valleys, upper 70s to mid 80s east bay shore, low to mid 90s into the east bay valleys, monday ray, monterey and carmel mid 60s mid to upper 70s the rest of the bay upper 80s to low 90s inland, coliseum 105 first pitch. -- 1:05 first pitch. at&t park 1:05 upper 60s to low 70s. two to four degrees cooler
5:53 am
tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday coolest before warmer weather comes back for the weekend. good morning. if you are expecting someone home from tahoe this early tuesday morning we have an accident reported westbound 80 at donner lake being cleared off to the shoulder. once again, westbound at donner lake may be experiencing delays up to the donner summit. closer to home, mass transit, pretty much everybody on sunday or holiday schedule golden gate ferries, extra boats for the sausalito art festival. no ace service out of the central valley today this holiday. everybody else on sunday schedule and on time, no problems eastbound 780 at fifth, stall partially blocking a lane sensors not picking up much slowing past that area. bay bridge toll metering lights remain off, no traffic on the upper deck into san francisco at this early hour. dumbarton bridge remains
5:54 am
closed until tomorrow morning this is one of your alternates san mateo bridge flowing nicely towards foster city from the hayward side, both directions from foster city to hayward and hey to foster city no problems there. -- >> major retailer offering a greener gift card. >> here's ellen with the bloomberg business report. good morning! how -- [ unintelligible ] apple tells employees how to act and what words they can use most employee training manual dedicated to dealing with confrontations and the pofrpblgs of sending out positive vibes. battle over bragging rights ford and toyota claiming to produce the best selling car in the world in the first six months of the year focus is top selling single car name plate meaning a vehicle sold under only one name corolla has models that sell under
5:55 am
different name. stocks ended friday on up note after bernanke said he has not ruled out -- the jobs report due later this week show unemployment rate holding steady the hope+gu the fed will do more has boosted stocks the past three months. markets closed today for the labor day holiday. whole foods taking gift cards green phasing out recycled fix for wood-based. at the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. in afghanistan american special forces have suspended training new recruits to an afghan village militia until the entire 16,000 member force can be rescreened for possible links to insurgents. the move is latest response to series of insider shootings carried out by members of the afghan police and army against
5:56 am
western troops. 45 nato service members have been killed in such taxes this year the u.s. death toll to for all 12. the freezing raining suspension is expected to last a -- hillary clinton will spend the holiday in indonesia urging the states to present a united front in their dealings with china she will be in jakarta today to offer u.s. support in implementing a code of conduct for all claims to disputed islands on the south china sea. the hope is the plan will ease tensions in the region. jakarta is the headquarters for the association of southeast asian nations. the u.s. hopes progress will be madeíjsiy before a november summit president obama plans to attend. in florida five whaling -- five whales are struggling after beaching themselves.
5:57 am
beachgoers tried to help them back into the water. >> it is the right thing to do. >> hopefully they will get released and will be back with their family. >> only five whales survived they are being taken care of in a marine rehab center. pilot whales are a tight group speculation is they followed a sick member of their pod on to the beach. next, new questions are being raised about a deadly officer-involved shooting in vallejo. the latest on the investigation. party gone wrong. what led to the death of a fraternity pledge at a central california [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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